Scared of Success…


I met my friend at Starbuck’s. I started rattling my thoughts off. They didn’t even seem that coherent. I was talking very fast, not unlike me, but as I was talking I was also searching. Searching for it to make sense. Prior to meeting up with her I had spent the past few hours really […]

I Have a Major Confession: Two Weeks


This isn’t really easy to talk about, but it’s necessary. Maybe it will help someone who is hurting feel like they are not alone. Maybe it will help someone who loves someone who struggles with mental illness be a better ally. Maybe I just need to put it into writing so I protect myself. A […]

Time Heals Everything.


I’ve heard that time heals everything. And when people say it, I bet they WANT to believe it. The idea of feeling pain forever doesn’t sound appealing at all. Nobody’s signing up for that. Hurt shifts, bends, lays dormant and subsides, but does it really ever go away? I don’t think about my grandpa every […]

Self Sabotage

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Let me tell you a little something about self sabotage. Self sabotage will fu*k your world up if you let it. I don’t necessarily think that people are scared to succeed, love, or live their best life. I imagine they are probably scared of the exact opposite, not succeeding, not finding love, and letting mediocre […]

When the Universe Unites Kindred Spirits


Sometimes the universe connects people in unexpected ways. I’ve been posting about my radio retirement and traveling the world and all of these things and I have been so excited. I try to respond to as many messages and comments as possible. One particular comment came from Katryce’s little sister. Katryce is the mastermind behind […]

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

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So, last night I’m lying in bed. I can’t sleep and I have this relentless thought, “I know why the caged bird sings.” It’s there, in my mind, in the middle of the night just screaming at me. “I know why the caged bird sings.” It’s a nice thought, it doesn’t hurt…and some thoughts do […]

My Roommates

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My Roommates. I find myself being tested often, but NOBODY and I mean NOBODY tests me like my roommates.  Somehow over the last couple of weeks they have developed an awful fear of sleeping alone in their own rooms so they just think it’s ok to join me in my room AND in my bed. […]

The Highly Sensitive Child

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The Highly Sensitive Child. I knew early on that my Munchie was special. I know a lot of parents think their kids are special so let me explain further. Of course, I thought she was special in the sense that she was my child and we all think our kids are special, but she was […]