“Thank you so much for the message. Your podcasts are amazing and you truly are an inspiration on how to get your life back after heartbreak and anxiety. So thank you! I continue to work on myself everyday.”
Angela Thompson
- longtime follower


This program is for people, but especially women, who have been where I’ve been. Aware of their own potential but frozen in fear. I had to force myself to get out of my own way so I wanted to create a program to help others get out of their way too. Words are powerful and how we talk to ourselves matters.

How we see ourselves and how much, or little, we value ourselves plays a role in what we can achieve. I have fallen victim to knowing what I am capable of but not knowing how to get there, or lacking the confidence in myself to take that leap. There are so many people that have felt that stagnant, trapped, stuck feeling-It almost suffocated me, but the freedom I have felt since I got out of my own way is something everyone deserves. I want to help you find your freedom.

I want to help you get unstuck.

But what is it exactly you ask?

Get Rid of & Grow is a 60 day learning seminar designed to guide you and inspire you as you examine the principles of eliminating what holds you back from your dreams and growing your strengths and confidence to propel you into your future successes.  Danni Starr presents not only her personal experiences and methods that work for her, but a professional designed curriculum for adults to work through their own journey of elimination and growth and develop a process for self confident success in the future. 

 In the 8 weeks you spend with Danni you will learn, talk, think, write, work, examine, take action, embrace your flaws while you focus on your strengths, and sashay your way into your future with resiliency and confidence!

Don't want the experience but still need to get unstuck? Check out our consulting packages!