How Are You?

How are you? Good.

No, but really how are you? Exhausted from doing this parenting thing 98.9% alone, conflicted about what I want for my future. Sad for the kids (of all races) that marched and protested peacefully for black lives but were not supported in any way like the kids (of all races) marching and protesting for gun reform. Tired of stories of infidelity and disloyalty. Hoping my mind doesn’t fail me like before. Mom guilt on 100 because I work so much my patience level hasn’t been the greatest. Realizing the daily number of misogynistic encounters I have is too high. Missing my grandpa.

Terrible, thanks for asking, but that’s the truth. My instagram will not just be my highlight reel. Sometimes I can’t stand the father of my children, sometimes being a mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, sometimes I think my mind may fail me again…I don’t let it though. On those days I remind myself my kids are half of him and I love every part of them and I stay cordial for them, being a mom is more rewarding than challenging, and I cling to light so that I don’t succumb to darkness. I’m a boss like that! #protectyourmental