A Phoenix Always Rises

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Two years ago, spirit in shambles, I set out to London on a solo trip. I had NEVER done anything on my own. I had always considered myself a twin-dividual. But here I was, in London, completely alone and to my surprise- I THRIVED. My goal was to spend six hours a day writing my […]

Empathy and Eyebrows Podcast Episode 1


Mad Momma: One Night in a Psych Ward. It chronicles how media, motherhood and mental health struggles landed me in the psych ward for one night. How 14 years in media and living so publicly (listeners and followers have followed my first heartbreak, marriage, children, infidelity, divorce and the sexual rumspringa of my post-divorce months) […]

Less Public, More Private

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Less public, more private… what does that even look like?  I have spent almost 15 years living a very public life. I know that a major part of my success has come from my willingness to be so open about everything. It has allowed people to connect and relate and because of that I have […]

How Are You?


How are you? Good. No, but really how are you? Exhausted from doing this parenting thing 98.9% alone, conflicted about what I want for my future. Sad for the kids (of all races) that marched and protested peacefully for black lives but were not supported in any way like the kids (of all races) marching […]